Friday, May 1, 2009

Three beasts and a boy

We have three animals. One cat who knows he is a house cat, one cat who thinks he is a wild bobcat, and a slobbering beast, other wise know as our dog. Euan is our wild cat. He reminds me of the bobcat who tried to pee on Mark at the zoo(maybe I'll tell this story another time for my own entertainment), full of puff and attitude. He is not afraid of our beast of a dog, he refuses to be pet by a person's hands (only feet for this cat), and he tries to attack things through our windows (yes he has done this repeatedly). He also has a fetish for small children. We discovered this last year when our friends, Val and Jason, brought their one year old to visit. He followed her around and tried to get on her lap. This has continued with Gabriel. Our other cat, Midnight, has the good sense to run away when ever Gabriel comes near. Euan seeks Gabriel out. Here is one of the times he has decided he needed Gabriel's attention (I'll narrate for Gabriel):

"Do you realize where you are?"
"Let's sneak in there slowly.
Maybe he won't notice I'm touching him"
"Hey, maybe we could be pals"

"Okay dude, I think your invading my space now"

"Did you see that mom?"

is our 100lb bloodhound. She terrorizes our normal cat and any animal that comes into our yard. She has even been known to make a few grown men nervous. However, we have recently discovered that she is easily terrorized by the very small resident of our home.

The other day Gabriel snuck up on Savannah and tried to touch her. It was crazy. That huge dog ran away from my little baby. I couldn't really catch it the other day, but the scene repeated itself today.
Here he is sneaking up on her:
She realizes what's going on and tries to run away
Mark made her lay there while Gabriel touched her.
She says "dad, don't make me do that again"
while the terrorizer is having an idea in the background.

I swear, he came up with this all on his own. It was like he was saying,
"ha,ha, I know how to make you hold still.
It is so fun to watch these stories unfold. I love that it seems I can see what he thinking and the ideas that come to him. It seems he is his fathers son: mischievous and full of adventure. I'm in for some serious trouble. And some serious fun.